At DHL&S, we believe our people are our most important asset.

We want our employees’ careers to flourish in an environment that is as good for his or her health and well-being as it is for their personal aspirations. We have designed our highly competitive benefits package to help accomplish this and to set us apart from other firms.

Health & Wellness

Medical and Prescription Insurances – we provide coverage under an HMO. The Firm currently contributes toward monthly premiums, with employees paying a share of the cost. The Firm also offers a Health Savings Account and a Flexible spending account that allows individuals to pay medical insurance premiums with pre-tax income.

  • Free Onsite Gym Membership
  • Life Insurance – paid in full by the Firm, the amount based upon compensation.

Paid Time Off (PTO)

Employees with 5 years or less experience with the Firm at the start of the calendar year will have 136 hours of PTO awarded as of January 1 of each year. Employees with more than 5 years experience with the Firm at the start of the calendar year, and managers, will be awarded 176 hours of PTO awarded January 1 of each year.

Paid Holidays

Employee Development

Career Counseling – our career counseling and mentoring programs (distinct from performance reviews) are designed to help our employees create a path they can follow in the Firm to bring to most personal and professional satisfaction.

Professional Societies – involvement in professional societies enhances personal growth and professional development. The Firm encourages membership and reimburses certain membership fees.

CPA Exam Fees – upon successful completion of the CPA examination, the Firm will reimburse employees for the exam fee.

Other Benefits

401(k) Plan – all employees over age 21, with one year of service are eligible to contribute.

Profit-sharing Plan – all employees with one year of service are automatically enrolled in the Firm’s profit-sharing plan (annual contributions are at management’s discretion).

Bonus – the Firm pays a bonus on fees collected for the first two years of new business brought in by any employee.

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