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Our Mission

We believe that each of our clients (no matter what size) is entitled to creative thinking, responsiveness, expertise and personal attention. At DHL&S, our principals take a personal, hands-on approach to each and every engagement.

For Businesses

We serve small, medium and large international business with accounting and tax advice and counsel; and our new fraud detection and deterrence team is dedicated to protecting your assets.

For Individuals and Families

We take the time to learn your individual situation and we tailor our services to meet your needs, from tax planning and preparation to gift tax planning to estate and retirement planning.

Accounting Services

At DHL&S, we offer you advantageous ideas concerning the financial aspects of your business in time for you to take appropriate action.

Consulting Services

Our highly proficient and diverse staff will help you improve your business development process and streamline operational, administrative and fiscal operations.

Industry Specializations

In this new regulatory environment, a CPA Firm with detailed experience in your specific industry can mean the difference between success and failure.

Tax Services

Our tax professionals’ broad range of education, expertise and talent means we can identify issues and determine the most favorable tax strategies for you.

Visit Our Tax Center

Our new Tax Center contains timely tax alerts on the latest changes to Federal, State and Local tax requirements, forms and other helpful information.

Our News

Put Compensation Front and Center

In theory, a compensation philosophy is a formal written statement that reveals the company's stance on employee pay and rewards. Compensation philosophies vary from company to company. However, they often involve addressing the "what," "why," "how," "how much" and...

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Can You Challenge Your Property Taxes?

Has your property tax bill increased significantly? Do you think you may have grounds for an appeal, particularly if the increase seems out of line with overall appreciation in your area? Property tax rules and policies are local, but in general, you have 90 days...

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How to Avoid the Top 10 Estate Planning Errors

There are myths and misconceptions about estate planning. Here are the top common mistakes to avoid and help your family save thousands of dollars in unnecessary taxes and probate fees: Beneficiary omissions — Not naming contingent beneficiaries or failing to review...

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