Who’s eligible?

  • Babies who reside in Connecticut, who are less than a year old.
  • Adopted children who reside in Connecticut, before the first anniversary of the adoption.

Read the CHET Baby Scholars Official Rules.

How does it work?

Once you open your account and enroll in CHET Baby Scholars, CHET will automatically deposit $100 into your account.

If the account is opened with $150 (or more) the full $250 match will be triggered. If you open your account with less than $150, your account will be reviewed on a quarterly basis. Once at least $150 in additional contributions is received into the account and before the child turns four, an additional $150 match will be triggered. Any earnings growth will not be counted toward the $150; the full $150 must be actual contributions.©

Sign-up for Baby Scholars Before you can enroll in Baby Scholars you first have to open a CHET account. It’s easy. We’ll walk you through the steps. Start by making a selection below.

Step One: Open a CHET account

We have two ways to open a CHET account:

Online – We make it easy for you to open a CHET account online. Once you do, and you have your new account number, you can come back to enroll in Baby Scholars. Click here to open an account online.

Via paper application – you can download and read the Disclosure Book and print an application, request an Enrollment Kit be mailed to you, or call a CHET representative at 877-253-8104. If you open your account via paper application, simply check the box for Baby Scholars on the form and you are done (no need to enroll online).

Step Two: Enroll in Baby Scholars

Complete the form below to enroll in Baby Scholars. Please make sure the information in your Baby Scholars form matches the information used in your CHET account application.©

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