Problem Solvers. Expertise. Technology. Trusted Advisors.

The best computer software in the marketplace, combined with nearly half a century of business experience makes DHL&S the right choice for your company`s bookkeeping services. Dworken, Hillman, LaMorte & Sterczala, P.C., provides uncommon value.

Our highly skilled professionals are knowledgeable, honest, provide solutions to problems, consistently keep our clients out of trouble, give prompt and accurate information and use technology effectively. From startup companies to established businesses in many industries to large medical practices, we keep our clients` books organized.

Our services include:

  • Creation of Charts of Accounts
  • Recording cash receipts and cash disbursements
  • Preparation of bank account reconciliations
  • Preparation of trial balances
  • Preparation of quarterly payroll and sales tax returns
  • Preparation of annual payroll and related tax filings
  • Creation of computer accounting file using QuickBooks and other software packages
  • Conversions from manual bookkeeping to a computerized system
  • Training on QuickBooks applications
  • Monitoring accounting systems as needed
Call us at (203) 929-3535 or click below. We offer a no charge initial consultation.
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