August Newsletter

Upcoming tax and withholding changes for CT and NY and how making asset purchases now can save tax dollars. In this issue we outline some planned tax changes for CT; how two new IRS accelerated tax depreciation plans can help businesses save tax dollars on asset...

June Newsletter

How a Startup Company Can Reduce Payroll Taxes. In this issue we discuss how startup companies can reduce their payroll taxes through the use of R&D credits. Click here to read the June issue.

April Newsletter

Update on Higher Education Tax Credits. In this issue, we share insights into the new IRS guidelines on higher education tax credits. Click here to read the April issue.

February Newsletter

“Don’t Forget to Tell Us” and “Update from the Battlefront Against Tax Identity Theft.” In this issue we remind you that the more information you provide to your tax preparer, the more accurate your tax returns will be, and we give you some examples of things...